Hello High School Seniors

Dear students who have already checked out, don’t want to be in high school anymore and excited about graduation.  I remember feeling like that.  I think I had checked out during the first week of senior year though.  Anywho….college is RIGHT around the corner and you are obviously anxious to get started and excited about this new chapter of your life but do you really know anything about it?  My guess is that if you have an older brother or sister in college you have an idea of what’s coming next but even so, every college experience is different.  I wouldn’t call myself a college guru but as a recent college graduate and with working on a college campus every day I do still see the inside scoop of what’s going on here.  I’ll give you tips and insight on how to get started in the right direction and have an amazing experience.  My ultimate goal is that you enjoy a feeling of accomplishment, whether it’s running for student government prez and winning or meeting someone super good looking and avoiding looking like a complete idiot and/or psycho.  Get ready for the fun stuff!  Check back soon.

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