Be Nice ~ Smile ‘Hello’

I was walking around campus today looking at all the new freshman at orientation and it brought a lot to mind.  Everyone is making friends now.  You will meet people when you first arrive at college who you will makes friends with right away.  This may be strange to think about but for the most part, a lot of the people you makes friends with in the beginning of your freshman year don’t typically stay your friends throughout the year.  You’ll meet other people, switch your group of friends and eventually find a group of friends that you like hanging out with the most.  It’s a normal thing that happens and that’s fine but here’s the thing… if you walk on campus and you see someone you met at one point (possibly from orientation) or even hung out with at one point but you currently don’t hang out with please still say “hello!”  When has anyone smiled and said hello to you and you thought ‘omg that’s so weird, they’re so mean’ ?  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say…never.  Don’t burn bridges, if you recognize someone and they clearly knew you at some point at least smile.  Smiling brings happiness to people and happy people are just better, duh!  And think about it… it’s more awkward to see someone you kind of knew and weirdly avoid them than it is to just walk by and say ‘hi.’  On the other hand, if you don’t hang out with the person anymore because they slept with your boyfriend and stole your bottle of pinot grigio then by all means slap-a-bitch….kidding!!

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