The Classroom

Difference #3 – On a more serious note here let’s talk about the classroom.  The classroom experience is very different in college than it is in high school.  For one thing, you’ll very quickly stop using the term Mr. or Mrs. and instead start calling all college teachers ‘professor’ or ‘Dr.’  It’s a strange transition at first but… get used to it.  In terms of how you are expected to learn is also very different.  In H.S. your teachers tell you want to study, you memorize the material and then spit it all onto the test and then forget everything as soon as you leave the classroom.  I was guilty of it, honestly couldn’t tell you one thing I learned in H.S.  In college you are expected to be engaged in the classroom.  You will learn to think differently, you will be expected to have your own opinion in which it will be encouraged to question the topics in course, fight for your opinion and debate topics (professor’s love this!).  They will not tell you what is most important but rather give you A LOT of material and leave the opinion up to you.  This is challenging especially when studying for exams.  Professors might give you hundreds of pages to study but then only ask a question from one section of the text.  Also, while you should respect your professors it is not uncommon to become friends with them and sit and chat over coffee about careers, life, classwork, etc.  Overall… don’t go into your classes expecting to be spoon fed answers,  learn to ask questions and form your own thoughts and opinions in class (if you think they will make you sound like a geek see my post below…geeks are COOL!) For the sake of all in academia, take control of your education and get excited about your classes!  

*Note – During the beginning of the school year I will be talking about what professors DO and DO NOT like about students.  Make sure to check back!!

Happy Friday!


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