Food – Freshman 15

Difference #4 – Your eating habits will change when you go to college.  In H.S. you probably don’t do the grocery shopping and you probably don’t cook all your meals during the day.  Most likely your Mom or Dad does that for you.  You have a structured schedule that keeps you busy throughout the day which hopefully keeps you away from constantly snacking.  In college, this usually all goes out the door, especially during your freshman year.  Have you heard of the ‘Freshman 15′?  It is  the idea that freshman in college typically gain about 15 pounds during their first year.  The reason behind this is the increased amount of alcohol students drink, the free for all food options (why would you eat fruit when you have donuts, eggs, bacon, bagels, and hash-browns for breakfast options?), the late night snacks (you’re up until 2 or 3am and the pizza place WILL deliver to you at this time), the free food at events, the free time you have to snack, and to add to that… nobody is making you go to the gym.  That my friends, is a recipe for love handles!

SO… i’m not telling you that you’re going to get fat but rather you need to be conscious of maintaining a healthy life style.  Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Educate yourself.  A lot of schools allow students to take open elective courses, sign up for Nutrition101 and learn everything about being healthy.  This class may even count as a science credit!

2. There are just as many healthy options in the cafeteria that there are unhealthy options – you CAN make healthy choices.

3. Set time in your schedule to go to the gym and then actually make yourself go.  A lot of schools offer free classes like yoga, Pilate’s, kickboxing, and even spinning.  Go to them!

4. Buy healthy snacks for your dorm room… duh

5. Sign up for a 5k.  A lot of schools have 5k’s on their campus to raise money for an outside organization.  Sign up to run in it, it will give you something to work towards.  If your school doesn’t offer a 5k, why not start to organize one yourself?  Get friends together, talk to your athletic department, that would be a GREAT accomplishment!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you are in life, there is no reason not to be aware of your choices and work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Also, if you stay healthy think about how smokin’ you’re going to look on spring break.


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