No Parents

Difference #6 – There are no parents in college.  With freedom comes responsibility and this is something that is a challenge for most students.  Right now, in H.S. you may not realize how big of a role your parents play in the structure of your day.  Obviously for some this isn’t the case as there are a number of different living situations for students and parent presence does vary for every child… some parents are helicopter parents, they want total control of their child (FYI Mom and Dad, the children of helicopter parents usually go WILD in college) and then there are some parents who are never around (personal opinion here… if you neglect your child, especially for drugs, alcohol, or some low life significant other, you should have never been able to have children in the first place and I hope you drown in jealousy when your child grows up to be better than you ever were).  Anywho…. back to this no parents post.  Here are some things to think about and be aware of when you head off to college:

1.  Nobody tells you to come home at night.  Yes this is a great thing at first but I don’t know about you, there were some nights in college that I wished I could blame a parent for making go back to my dorm.  At 4am, when nobody wanted to leave the party and I wanted to go home I felt like I had to stick it out… balancing social and academic life is going to be a challenge but if you want to leave a party, just do it!  I promise, if you leave (make sure to leave with someone) that nobody at the party is going to care.  To be honest, at that point they probably won’t even notice that you left.

2. Nobody tells you to do your homework.  Professors will mention it but they really don’t care if you do it or don’t do it, they’re not paying for your education.  If you don’t do work for your classes it is MUCH harder to catch up in your classes in college than it is in H.S.  If you fail a class, and then maybe two or three classes you CAN get kicked out of college and they won’t give you your money back… have fun explaining that one to Mom or Dad.  It’s just not worth it because then if you want to transfer to another college you will have to show that college your transcripts from your previous college and it’s just not going to look good.

3. You will miss your parents.  Right now some of you are probably itching to get away from home because you hate being with your Mom or Dad.  When you get to college, there is nobody that will fill the position of your parents.  You will miss a hug from them, you will miss the stupid comments they make, you will probably even miss some of their advice because if you’re like me, you’ll never admit it but your Mom was probably right most of the time (I hate when that happens).

4. Your relationship gets better with your parent when you go to college.  You are becoming an adult so you obviously don’t want your parents down your neck but you do want them around occasionally.  Being at college is the perfect balance of parents and no parents in terms the social aspect of your relationship.  Also, you probably had to be cautious of drinking when you were in H.S. but now that you’re in college, your parents aren’t stupid, they know you drink so when you’re home visiting you’re way more carefree and you won’t hesitate to make yourself a drink when you’re all hanging out.  A glass of wine, a beer or two makes them even more fun to hang with.

Later friends!


P.S. Keep in mind that your parents are going through a tough transition too.  This is just as much a change for them as it is for you, they have to say goodbye to their baby… be considerate and if they’re home, give them a hug!  If your Mom is like my Mom she’ll probably start crying.

COLLEGE PHOTO: Thanksgiving break, Senior year – Love my Mom!…and wine 😉


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