College Parties

Here’s the short answer of what happens at a college party – everyone gets drunk.

Your first concern is, will I get invited to parties?  Freshman girls, absolutely!  In fact, there are guys who make a game out of recruiting freshman girls to parties, so be careful because they know you’re naive and vulnerable.  Everyone – you don’t need to prove yourself when you go to your first party.  Even if you get pressured, you don’t have to drink the most or get naked and run around in order to get invited back.  So, what are they like?  Many of them are like the movies.  You walk or get a cab to the party and when you arrive there are usually people outside drinking.  Depending on the time of the night there will probably be a couple (who may or may not even know each others names) getting comfortable with one another right in front of everyone.  You walk in the house and there will be loud music playing, people hanging out on couches, playing drinking games, taking shots in the kitchen.  People may randomly walk up to you and hand you a drink (I suggest you make your own drink or bring your own, especially in the beginning).  It will be scary at first, especially with you open a door thinking it’s the bathroom but it’s actually a side bedroom and as you open the door smoke rolls out because there are a bunch of people sitting around smoking… this is normal and they will probably offer you a hit (I suggest you don’t take it, it’s probably not the same as what you did in high school and it can very well be laced with something that may or may not make the tree’s in the backyard start talking… oh yeah and it’s illegal, just sayin’).  You may also get pissed when you open the bathroom dorm and there are people having sex in the shower.  Fast forward to the end of the night – there are guys throwing stuff, breaking stuff, and putting holes in the wall for no reason.  There are people passed out on the couch that is now outside on the front lawn, just because.  Some parties will be small with only 15 people or so but some will be enormous and overwhelming.  Here are some things to think about and advice as you enter the college party scene.

  1. Be patient.  You don’t need to jump into the party scene right away.  I partied in high school but college parties were foreign to me and I wanted to get a good look at them before I started really partying.  I went out with my friends starting on day one of college because I didn’t have my first drink in college until about a month into it.  It was one of the best choices I made.  I got to see how quickly people made reputations for themselves.  I got to see which one of my friends was the most reliable when they were out (it’s always good to know which friend you can rely on).  Even if you take your time entering the party scene in the beginning you will have fours years to party!
  2. You will see things you’ve never seen before but soon enough nothing will phase you.  The first time you walk into the bathroom and see people having sex in the shower will be in awe for sure but eventually you’ll see that and probably still use the bathroom.
  3. If you don’t want to drink carry the same cup around all night and sip from it.  Towards the end of the night people will get so drunk they wont realize if you’ve been drinking or not.
  4. Wear whatever you want.  Some parties will be themed and you’ll know what to wear but for the most part, anything goes.
  5. Don’t trust people too quickly.    
  6. One bad night can ruin your entire college experience.  Don’t be stupid!  In one night you can drive drunk and get a DUI or get in an accident, you can have sex and get pregnant, you can get so drunk that you think it’s a good idea to vandalize the school and then get caught and get kicked out… people do stupid thing, your friends will do stupid things, people will tell you to do stupid things… it’s not worth it.
  7. Remember what’s right.  You will inevitably do things that you will regret and you’ll be embarrassed of things you did or things you said but if your roommate jumps in a car driven by someone you know has been drinking, don’t do it.
  8. Ultimately – people get drunk, party all night, wake up hungover, sit on the couch all day and talk about what happened the night before and then repeat.
  9. You will learn what you can handle, what you like to do, and who you like to hang out with.  College is an amazing time and the parties will make memories that will last forever.  Have fun and be safe!


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