First Night Alone

You’ve moved in, said your goodbyes (lots of tears?  it’s okay!) and it’s your first night alone at college.  What do you do?  Many of you may sit in bed with your laptop and click through facebook, you’ll probably text your friends or talk to your parents.  Hopefully your roommate has moved in too so that you have someone to talk to.  What are you feeling?  Scared, alone, unfamiliar, sad, awkward?  I promise you the nights get better!  If you’re in bed and thinking, ‘omg i can’t do this, this is so uncomfortable i just want to be home’ my response to you (in the nicest way) is stop complaining, suck it up, you’re a grown up now and you CAN do this!  Don’t let loneliness defeat you, you need to give yourself time before you make any drastic moves and pack up and go home.  Some of you may actually be bored.  No worries, once school starts you will have enough work to keep you busy.  Once everyone moves in you will have plenty of people to meet and hang out with.  In fact, enjoy the first few awkward nights when the dorms are quiet and nobody knows what to do because soon you’ll have nights where you are itching for a quiet night.  Like I said… you CAN do this!  There are thousands of freshman who are feeling the same way as you so stop reading this post, close your laptop and go meet other freshman.  Finally, if you are really lonely and you’re still having a hard time connecting to your environment, go buy a fish.  Strange?  NO!  Having a fish will give you something to take care of and look forward to seeing when you come back to your room. Name it Gabby!

Talk to you soon,


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