You Smell

Have you washed your sheets yet?  It’s been weeks since you moved in.  Take them off your bed (i know, i know top bunk, lots of pillows, pain in the butt to take them off and put them on) put them in the washer and clean them, trust me they need it.



Tattoos are permanent.  Be very certain that you want one before you get one.  Be very certain that you are 100% sober when you get one and that the a tattoo of your roommates face across your back is REALLY want you want.  Also, relationships in college get hot and heavy a lot faster than ones in high school.  That excitement and intensity doesn’t mean that you are madly in love, therefore it is also not a bright idea to get your significant others name tattooed on your body.

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Helicopter Parents, Flown By Students

We all know what ‘helicopter parents’ are right?  The parents who constantly call their children, proof read their childs paper, e-mail the professor directly when their son/daughter calls upset about an exam, and are constantly giving advice on what to do, who to talk to, where to go, how to address problems, and are somehow right next to their child at college even when they are sitting home hundreds of miles away.  We blame the parents for this, we give advice on how to let their child fly away from the nest and gain responsibility BUT the problem isn’t the parents.  Yes, I’ll say it…. the problem is the student who’s sitting in the cockpit of the helicopter!

Students – when do you become an adult? 

The answer – you become an adult when YOU CHOOSE to become an adult.

How many of you call your parents in between classes?  Tell your parents all about your professor?  Share your grades with your parents?  Call crying when you fail an exam and complain about how ‘the professor is so unfair’ and then allow your parents to send an e-mail to the professor?  How many of you call mom and dad for advice when you’re having a hard time getting an internship?  When you need advice on how to run for student government?  Students, you are allowing your parents to be helicopter parents.  GET OUT OF THE COCKPIT.  If you want independence, you need to create that independence yourself.  I dare you to set up a meeting with a professor and go meet when him or her on your own – do not call your mom or dad for advice.  It will be hard.  Once you have that conversation and realize that you CAN do fine as you, as just an individual, without the guidance of your parents I promise you that you will leave that conversation feeling better about yourself than you ever have.

Do you see now?  Your parents are helicopter parents because you allow them to do.  Your parents are also helicopter parents because you enable them to be.  So, parents if you realize this is happening take a step back.  Tell your student to go talk to a professor but then give them no advice on what to say or what to ask.  Trust your child.

 Students, like I said before, you become an adult when you choose to become an adult.  Get out of the helicopter cockpit and put on a pair of running shoes.

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Major Issues

This is a continuation to my Man Up post.  I mentioned that if you’re having major issues in college, the ones that you typically hear statistics about like binge drinking, drug use, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, STD’s etc you need to address them.  I know many of you probably think, “I’m not the ‘type of person’ to have these problems so even though it may seeeeem like i’m being affected by one of these issues, i’m definitely not. ” The thing is…. there is no ‘type of person’ who gets affected by these things.  In fact, everyone has issues.  It can crawl up on you without you even knowing it.  Trust me on this one… seriously…. trust me.

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Man up!

Man up!  Woman up!  Whichever you want.

This is a good time for this post because about now is when the first set up aggravations start to arise and the problems with you friends or roommates are about to boil over.  First off, the issues you have will probably only affect your daily life, not your life in 5 years so keep in mind that it’s not worth it to let your issues cause a truck load of stress.  Second, your daily life is the only life you have right now so you should address problems before they get bigger.

Working things out between friends is the best done in person.  Don’t send an e-mail, stop texting, don’t facebook chat.  Peoples reactions, facial expressions and non-verbal ques say a lot more than the words they use.  So (wom)man up and go talk it out with your friends.

On another note, if you are having major issues – emotional, physical, depression, eating disorders, harmful relationships just to name a few do not ignore them!  Go seek out help, start with health services at your school, talk to your RA, if you are close enough with a professor at this point send them an e-mail or stay after class to ask for advice.  If you really don’t know who to go to you can e-mail me.  You don’t know me, I don’t know you but I will listen if you ask for help.

It’s a great day!



Are You Moral?

Morals are a common classroom discussion.  Why do we have them?  Do we need them?  How are they formed? Are you a morally good person?  During a discussion with students most people agreed they were consciencious of life around them and they knew right from wrong.  But…

How many of you know the first name of the person who cleans your bathroom at school?

Learn their name, say hello.  In your careers, you will meet many people.  All are significant.  They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do it smile and say hello.

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Look How Good I Look

Years from now many of you won’t look as good as you do now.  In ten years many of you will wish for the body you have now, and say things like {i want the body i had when i used to say ‘i’m so fat’ or ‘i need bigger muscles’}  Embrace it, rock it, and secretly praise yourself for being so hot right now.

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Now is the time to date!  When will you ever been in an environment where you are surrounded by thousands of guys and girls who are all around the same age as you.  I know it’s hard to actually date in college and yes I am talking about old fashion, just you and him or you and her sitting together, without cell phones, and talking to each other, getting to know each other.  Now is the time!  Don’t feel like every conversation with a guy or girl has to turn into a relationship.  The truth is… it won’t BUT it may or at the least it will get you closer to learning what type of person you want to be with.  There are LOTS of fish in the sea you’re in right now.  (Some sharks, some clams, some yucky seeweed too so be careful).