Man up!

Man up!  Woman up!  Whichever you want.

This is a good time for this post because about now is when the first set up aggravations start to arise and the problems with you friends or roommates are about to boil over.  First off, the issues you have will probably only affect your daily life, not your life in 5 years so keep in mind that it’s not worth it to let your issues cause a truck load of stress.  Second, your daily life is the only life you have right now so you should address problems before they get bigger.

Working things out between friends is the best done in person.  Don’t send an e-mail, stop texting, don’t facebook chat.  Peoples reactions, facial expressions and non-verbal ques say a lot more than the words they use.  So (wom)man up and go talk it out with your friends.

On another note, if you are having major issues – emotional, physical, depression, eating disorders, harmful relationships just to name a few do not ignore them!  Go seek out help, start with health services at your school, talk to your RA, if you are close enough with a professor at this point send them an e-mail or stay after class to ask for advice.  If you really don’t know who to go to you can e-mail me.  You don’t know me, I don’t know you but I will listen if you ask for help.

It’s a great day!



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