Professor Pet Peeves

Yes, some of your final grades are made up of just the graded material in class but professors are human and some can’t help but to give a little extra push for the all around exceptional students.  Every professor is different and every professor has different things that annoy them so this list does not speak for everyone.  However, I can almost guarantee that there is at least one thing on here that each of your current professors will agree with.  Read carefully, don’t be a pest!

  1. missing class regularly
  2. showing up late to class and making a scene
  3. texting (you’re not good at hiding it, who looks down at their crotch and laughs when they’re “taking notes” in class?)
  4. falling asleep
  5. asking a question that was JUST answered
  6. lame excuses for missing class
  7. talking to your friend sitting next to you
  8. eating a meal in class
  9. studying or doing work for another class
  10. saying that “you didn’t know the assignment was due”
  11. not completing the assigned reading prior to class
  12. complaining about how much work you have to do
  13. during exam review asking if it can be a take home test, group exam, or open book test (no, no and no)
  14. wearing inappropriate clothing to class
  15. submitting horrendous work… this is college, there is an academic expectation, don’t embarrass yourself
  16. not saying a word during a discussion class
  17. showing up to office hours the day before an exam with 1000 questions because you never listened in class

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