Always Be Ready For a Pop Quiz

pop quizAlways comes to class as though there was going to be a pop quiz. The benefit of this is two-fold: first you’ll be more able to participate in class; second you’ll be prepared if there actually is a pop quiz. Living by this motto will help you immensely! First off, many professors don’t require students to do homework. They will assign it but leave the responsibility up to you. Most students will not to the homework. Because of this, they aren’t prepared to participate in class and they’ll, without a doubt, be scramming at the end of the semester to learn everything for the final exam. If you decide to take the advice and prepare for every class you will inevitably earn a better grade and reduce your stress during finals. If you come prepared you will absorb more information because you will know what the professor is talking about, you will have more questions, you will participate more (participation points!!) and if there is a pop quiz, you will ace it! Also, you will learn more as a student if you gradually absorb the material you are taught. If you study a little before every class you will find that studying for the final exam will be more like a review rather than a race to cram information into your brain and memorize as much as you can.

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