Using Your Hours Wisely

clockThere is plenty of time in college. It’s often that I hear students, especially freshman say that they want to get used to their school work first before they get involved on campus. They say they want to get acclimated to their environment first and then do other things. It’s even more common that I hear high school students say things like, “I wish I could keep playing sports or join a club but I’m a health science major and I just don’t think I’ll have time.” While I agree that there is a transition phase in college and it does take time to acclimate, I disagree with the fact that you don’t have enough time to do a variety of activities on campus. I also think that having a few different things on your plate will actually help you transition better than just focusing on your academics. Think about your time this way — there are 168 hours in a week. If you set aside 56 hours for sleep (8 hours a night), and 40 hours for academics (this is A LOT of hours for academics, I guarantee that even the smartest students don’t give this amount of time to academics) it will leave you with 72 hour for everything else. 72 hours! That’s A LOT of time. Are you really going to fill it with doing school work and adjusting to the campus? Boring, if I say so myself. I actually think that if you used that time to just get used to your environment, you’d be wasting time.  Seize the day my friends!

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