Keeping In Touch With Employers

thankyouSchool is starting which means your summer job or internship is ending. It is so important that you constantly keep in touch with the company you worked with or interned with this summer. Your network of professionals is key! Here are three tips on how to stay in touch with your summer companies or internships after it ends:

1. Send them a thank you note for your experience. Hand-written thank you notes, please!
2. Find out his or her birthday. Put this on your calendar and remember it every year! Make sure to put in a personal call or email or send a card on their birthday. Everyone loves when the birthday phone rings!
3. Add Value. How can you add value to your former boss? If you come across any interesting articles or information your former boss can use make sure to send it. If you worked in a marketing department and you read an interesting marketing article sent it to your old coworker or boss. Even if they’ve seen it already they’ll be impressed that you sent it along, it’s also a great way for you to stay in touch with them.

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