Resume Builder! Become a College Blogger Today!

blogging2Freshman! Here is a GREAT opportunity to get your college experience started on the right foot! Expand your writing portfolio and build your resume today!! If you do this now, imagine the internships you’ll qualify for in the future.

Blog with me – Gabbriel Simone, College Author

I am looking for motivated students who are passionate about writing and social media and love all things college!

College bloggers would be responsible for the following:

  • Pitch & write blog posts about college
  • Collect information from classmates about things they want to know
  • Share their articles via brand and their personal social media sites (Twitter & Facebook, mainly)

Length of the position is one-semester with a manageable time commitment!

After a successful semester you will receive a personal recommendation from me!

Interested in this great opportunity? E-mail me –

One thought on “Resume Builder! Become a College Blogger Today!

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