Media & Events

Media and Event

I am willing and available to attend meetings, lectures, discussions, interviews, etc. to talk about my experience and the importance of college. I have lectured to over 100 groups of middle and high school students on a number of different college topics including the freshman experience, summer orientation, making new friends, adjusting to college, adjusting to living back home, and various topics on how to make the most of your college experience. I have also lectured on college campuses and held discussions with college freshman on the adjustment to college and how to get ahead on their campus.

I have been featured in local TV interviews on FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS stations and local radio. I regularly present live web lectures with CollegeWeekLive! and have been featured in magazine articles with Teen Vogue and USA Today College.

Interested in talking with me? Let’s chat! 516-633-2176 or e-mail me at

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