Music in College

Don’t be afraid to blast your music in your room or play your favorite song on repeat as you and your friends get ready.  In fact, I suggest you find a song you love and play it on repeat as you begin your night.  Songs will attach themselves to memories.  Keep track of these songs, save them in a file.  In the future when you come across these songs or happen to hear them on a ‘oldies’ radio station it will bring back great memories from some of the best years of your life.

Blast | The | Music


It Really Doesn’t Matter

Things that happen now that seem like the end of the world really do become funny with a little bit of time and distance.  The quicker you move on from an embarrassing moment, the quicker you can laugh about it.  I promise… it’s really not that bad.

Embarrass | Yourself


It’s Okay To Fail

Welcome failures into your life and don’t dwell on them.  Force yourself to change your thoughts, think positive.  It’s how we grow.  What matters is not that you failed, but that you recovered.

You Smell

Have you washed your sheets yet?  It’s been weeks since you moved in.  Take them off your bed (i know, i know top bunk, lots of pillows, pain in the butt to take them off and put them on) put them in the washer and clean them, trust me they need it.



Tattoos are permanent.  Be very certain that you want one before you get one.  Be very certain that you are 100% sober when you get one and that the a tattoo of your roommates face across your back is REALLY want you want.  Also, relationships in college get hot and heavy a lot faster than ones in high school.  That excitement and intensity doesn’t mean that you are madly in love, therefore it is also not a bright idea to get your significant others name tattooed on your body.

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Major Issues

This is a continuation to my Man Up post.  I mentioned that if you’re having major issues in college, the ones that you typically hear statistics about like binge drinking, drug use, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, STD’s etc you need to address them.  I know many of you probably think, “I’m not the ‘type of person’ to have these problems so even though it may seeeeem like i’m being affected by one of these issues, i’m definitely not. ” The thing is…. there is no ‘type of person’ who gets affected by these things.  In fact, everyone has issues.  It can crawl up on you without you even knowing it.  Trust me on this one… seriously…. trust me.

Get help | Talk to someone


Are You Moral?

Morals are a common classroom discussion.  Why do we have them?  Do we need them?  How are they formed? Are you a morally good person?  During a discussion with students most people agreed they were consciencious of life around them and they knew right from wrong.  But…

How many of you know the first name of the person who cleans your bathroom at school?

Learn their name, say hello.  In your careers, you will meet many people.  All are significant.  They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do it smile and say hello.

Be | Good

Look How Good I Look

Years from now many of you won’t look as good as you do now.  In ten years many of you will wish for the body you have now, and say things like {i want the body i had when i used to say ‘i’m so fat’ or ‘i need bigger muscles’}  Embrace it, rock it, and secretly praise yourself for being so hot right now.

Enjoy the weekend | Be safe | Be smart | Be Sexy


Everyone has something to teach you.  Embrace the differences in your classmates.  Always ask yourself, “what can I learn from this person.”  Remember, it’s not always what you know but who you know.  Everyone know’s someone.  That guy/girl you don’t really like (for no reason) may have a parent or family member who could play an important role in your career and your future.  Don’t mess that up.