Resume Builder! Become a College Blogger Today!

blogging2Freshman! Here is a GREAT opportunity to get your college experience started on the right foot! Expand your writing portfolio and build your resume today!! If you do this now, imagine the internships you’ll qualify for in the future.

Blog with me – Gabbriel Simone, College Author

I am looking for motivated students who are passionate about writing and social media and love all things college!

College bloggers would be responsible for the following:

  • Pitch & write blog posts about college
  • Collect information from classmates about things they want to know
  • Share their articles via brand and their personal social media sites (Twitter & Facebook, mainly)

Length of the position is one-semester with a manageable time commitment!

After a successful semester you will receive a personal recommendation from me!

Interested in this great opportunity? E-mail me –

Keeping In Touch With Employers

thankyouSchool is starting which means your summer job or internship is ending. It is so important that you constantly keep in touch with the company you worked with or interned with this summer. Your network of professionals is key! Here are three tips on how to stay in touch with your summer companies or internships after it ends:

1. Send them a thank you note for your experience. Hand-written thank you notes, please!
2. Find out his or her birthday. Put this on your calendar and remember it every year! Make sure to put in a personal call or email or send a card on their birthday. Everyone loves when the birthday phone rings!
3. Add Value. How can you add value to your former boss? If you come across any interesting articles or information your former boss can use make sure to send it. If you worked in a marketing department and you read an interesting marketing article sent it to your old coworker or boss. Even if they’ve seen it already they’ll be impressed that you sent it along, it’s also a great way for you to stay in touch with them.

Nobody Likes That Couple

Have you met the love of your life at college and enjoy spending every living, breathing moment with them?  Yea, now is the time to stop doing that.  If you’re that couple and you’ve started to notice that none of your friends like hanging out with you or your significant other it’s time to take a hint.  Life without great friends is like life without coffee (I personally can’t function without coffee, if I don’t have a cup first thing in the morning I might as well dig a hole and jump in ’cause the day is going nowhere).  Anywho… boyfriends and girlfriends are great (when you find the perfect one, life makes more sense) but friend’s are a necessity so don’t be the person who forgets that because it’s common knowledge that nobody likes that couple.

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