Leaving Friends From Home

Tear, tear – senior year is coming to an end and so are your lifelong friendships with your high school friends.

Just kidding!

Thinking back to the ‘goodbye’s’  I had with my friends from home makes me giggle.  I remember thinking it was the end of the world.  My high school life was officially over.  I would never see my friends again.  I would never have friends like the one’s I had.  Wow, I was so wrong!  The friendships that you have in high school are genuine.  You have history with all of them and that never goes away.  When I was in college I could go months without talking to certain friends, I obviously kept in touch with my closest girlfriends.  I remember going home on long weekends or for holidays and feeling a little nervous to see my old friends.  I didn’t know what it would be like.  Sure enough, we picked up  exactly from where we left off.  We had exciting stories to share about college and reminicing about high school always made for a great night.  Your friends from home are like family.  You never really lose that bond.  Even now, I have friends from high school that I haven’t talked to in years yet I know that if I went back home and met up with them we would pick up from exactly where we left off.

An even crazier thought…. some of the best friends I have (couldn’t imagine living without them) I made while I was in college.

Hello High School Seniors

Dear students who have already checked out, don’t want to be in high school anymore and excited about graduation.  I remember feeling like that.  I think I had checked out during the first week of senior year though.  Anywho….college is RIGHT around the corner and you are obviously anxious to get started and excited about this new chapter of your life but do you really know anything about it?  My guess is that if you have an older brother or sister in college you have an idea of what’s coming next but even so, every college experience is different.  I wouldn’t call myself a college guru but as a recent college graduate and with working on a college campus every day I do still see the inside scoop of what’s going on here.  I’ll give you tips and insight on how to get started in the right direction and have an amazing experience.  My ultimate goal is that you enjoy a feeling of accomplishment, whether it’s running for student government prez and winning or meeting someone super good looking and avoiding looking like a complete idiot and/or psycho.  Get ready for the fun stuff!  Check back soon.